The Tapes Were Just the Beginning

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Will he be in trouble again?

Season 2 of 13RW ended at a very confusing note.
Tyler came to his senses but has he, or was it just because of the police siren?
ATM Clay is holding the gun in his hand, standing there, waiting for the police, confused what to do,what has happened around him in the past few months and now this again.
Before all this, clay was hurt, the one girl that he truly loved is dead. Her parents , the ONLY people and the only connection that he had with Hannah are leaving the town, the case is over, Hannah didn't get true justice, Bryce will soon be gone. All these things that he wanted to end have ended finally, but he regrets it, because this gave him a reason to think about her, to talk about her to be around her memories her loved ones. But now its all gone.
And now this, is he blaming himself? Is he going to give a statement to the police saying that it was his gun?
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Profile name

Does anyone know how to change the name of your profile?
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Why did Hannah die

Boi she had a future and plus I'm new here
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Everyone who has dogs or cats or any kind of pet post pictures ASAP let’s have see who has the cutest pet 😃😃
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Alex or Justin

Who would you rather
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Clay vs Zach

Would you like to Hannah was in relationship with Clay or Zach
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Season 3: wasn’t a suicide

This is just a fan theory. (spoilers)

An anonymous writer from the school tells everyone that Hannah’s death wasn’t a suicide but a murder. I would make sense as some of the things she mentioned on the tapes are incriminating like Bryce and her in the hot tub or him and Jessica. Therefore someone like Montgomery would cover Bryce’s tracks and save his ass. But little known to Bryce the tape would still be sent out.

This makes sense as in the show Hannah kills herself but using the razor blades at the pharmacy. In the novel she is rushed to hospital but it’s to late. Finally is the book clay mentioned she took pills. The reason why all 3 explanations are different is that all of them are liars Montgomery and Bryce started.
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Why would a dead girl lie?

Captivated me from the moment I heard Hannah say it, and read it in the original novel. But was Hannah lying?
In season two, we see Hannah see things that went unmentioned in her tapes. Was she lying if she left so much unsaid about ... eg Zach.
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Season 2

Has anyone watched season 2 of 13 reasons why? Well, i got told someone got bum raped so I’m a bit ehhhhh now
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We saw, Sheri burnt all the polaroid pictures. But why? I dont understand it..
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Season 3: The first diary

Hannah has been buried. She is now gone forever into the ground to rest away from the outside. The clear out of her room began. Clay and Courtney decided to help me and mrs baker put Hannah's possessions into boxes to be stored away. Clay was looking through her draws and found a diary. It read Hannah's diary keep off. It came with a key and a lock on the diary. He quickly shoved it into his bag and kept cleaning and helping mr and mrs baker after Courtney left Hannah's room. When he got home he unlocked the diary with the key and opened it. The first words in the diary were "so you ignored the HANDS OFF written in bold on the front of my diary. Well if you're reading this remember you're gonna find more information. Deeper than the polaroids or tapes. So get a whole about 5 cups of coffee because you'll be reading this all night. Welcome to my 1st diary. There are more diaries but I'll tell you where the 2nd one is then the 3rd etc. These are my real 13 reasons why"...
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Changing Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation From Book

I feel like changing Courtney’s ethnicity and sexual orientation and making her have two dads was really unnecessary and it changes the plot. I get diversity but not when it alters the story line.
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Tyler Mop Scene

What do you think of the Tyler mop scene? Idk imo I thought it was really unnecessary and messed up and it was more for the shock factor rather than anything else.
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what do you think about the departure of the actress playing hannah??

She wrote that the first season was for us to dat goodbay to hannah and the second seasons that clay could say goodbay for her. I understand but i think that this serial will not be the same without her
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Paradise Bay

Necesito información reciente y próxima
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Hail Clony!

do someone love clay&tony?
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Zalex! ❣

Do u think Zalex will be together in season 3 in relationship?
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Who is your most hated character?

I feel that my most hated character would have to be Bryce. He could not care any less about what is going on, and he thinks everything will be okay, and will get off the hook. For example, when he sits in his house drinking whiskey, he gets a boner from using hannah as a fantasy. I dont think he would do that if he felt kinda bad. And then he kinda of did get off the hook, with only a 3 week probation. And I feel he would barely hesitate, or not hesitate at all, and end up raping someone again. I do see how terrible Monte can be, especially when he raped Tyler with a broomstick, that was terrible. But he is only doing it because of pressure from Bryce I feel. However, Bryce is just a sick person, and will take what he wants, when he wants it. Therefore I definitely believe Bryce is my most hated character. Oof sorry for the paragraph...leave your responses below!
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