The following are 13 Reasons Why Wiki's image policies, which are to be upheld when adding images to the wiki.

General Rules

File extension

There are several file extensions that can be uploaded to 13 Reasons Why Wiki, with the most common being .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG. .PNG files are generally preferable due to its lossless data compression and show full quality of an image.


All images must have clear source info as to where the image is from. For this, they need to have the Filebox template filled out.

Source of images

  1. Images aside from promotional images, should come from 13 Reasons Why episodes.


  1. The image should be of the highest quality available (720p or 1080p). HD screen-captures are preferred, with other formats being secondary. In the case of duplicate images, the highest quality image is kept.
  2. The image should be an accurate, dignifying representation of the character.
  3. The character in the infobox should be standing still, which includes all kind of absence of movement (characters should not be talking).
  4. An image of the character's torso up is sufficient for the infobox. Extreme facial close-ups should be avoided.
  5. At the end of the day, an image is better than no image. However, these rules should be followed to the best of one's ability, and if a low-quality image is uploaded, the said user in question should seek to replace it with one that adheres to the rules as soon as possible.


Screencaps are the preferred image type for 13 Reasons Why, given the inherent quality. We also ask that each image is sized at no more than 250px. This can be done by adding |250px somewhere in the image brackets, i.e. [ [File:image_name.jpg|thumb|250px|Your image caption, optional] ]. Secondly, if possible, the highest quality resolution image should be uploaded, such as 720p/1080p/HD, so image visibility is clear. Should a better quality image become available, feel free to upload a newer version from the Upload a new version of this file link found on each image page. If not possible, please hold off on uploading the image until one becomes available. Please see the Categorization section for additional details concerning categorizing screencaps.


Images should have clear, descriptive names that summarise what's in the image. This is so they are easier to find and identify. Filenames that bear no relation to the image, or are simply a string of random numbers and letters, are not permitted. All images should be accurately named. Misnamed files such as IMG_12345.png or sdfQRTWQerSpl.jpg will either be deleted or renamed depending on the quality, relevancy, and source of the image.

Promotional Images

Promotional images are named by the following conventions:

  • Official Posters: Netflix_13RW_(season)_typeofposter.jpg
    • Example: Netflix 13RW Season 2 Official Poster.jpg
  • First Look: 13RW_(season)_First_Look_incrementalnumber.jpg
    • Example: 13RW Season 2 First Look 01.jpg
  • Character Portraits: Netflix_13RW_(season)_Character_Poster_character.jpg
    • Example: Netflix 13RW Season 1 Character Poster Hannah Baker.jpg


Screencaps are named by the following convention:

  • S##E##-episodename-incrementalnumber-character/object/place/event.png
    • Example: S01E01-Tape-1-Side-A-001-Hannah.png

Backstage Images

Backstage images are named by the follwing conventions:

  • Behind the Scenes:BTS_cast/crew_members-date(dd-mm-yy).jpg
    • Example: BTS Dylan Minnette 13-04-18.jpg
  • Event:Eventname_year_cast/crew members.jpg
    • Example: MTV Awards 2017 Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn.jpg

Images that fall from this policy can and will be renamed or deleted. Properly named images help us to quickly and easily identify images to add to articles, instead of hunting down for misnamed images for a specific page; this is considered a big part of the community and will be enforced. Therefore, to aid users, when uploading images directly from your computer into the editor, please double check that the image is properly saved under an identifiable name. Should the image be accidentally misnamed, do not upload a duplicate image, instead contact an Administrator for renaming.

Categorizing Images

Images must be placed in the appropriate category.

Screencaps — This category is placed in every screencap/screenshot. There are subcategories within this category like: Screencap (Season 1).

BTS Images — For images behind the scenes (like an instagram pic of the cast together), you add the "BTS Images" category. However, for BTS events, like Netflix panels, and comic cons, you add the categories, "Netflix Panels" and "Comic Cons".

Character Categories — Most characters have their own subcategory. (see Category:Character Images). If the character doesn't have a category yet, then you follow the following format: Begin typing "Images of..." and then the full name of the character. For example, "Images of Hannah Baker". If a screencap has a lot of characters in it, you list the categories of the characters in order.

Miscellaneous Categories — For images of locations, events, objects, etc. For instance, instead of putting "Images of Winter Formal", you put "Images of Events", just to keep all the images of events in one place. We don't want to have unnecessary categories. Only distinguish categories for characters and crew.

How to list Categories — For instance, when uploading screencaps, the categories should be placed in the following order: "Screencaps", "Screencaps (Season 1)" or "Screencaps (Season 2)", and then list the character categories after that. Here is an example,


Licenses are added in the description of an image. There, you write:

{{"license template for that specific image"}}

License Templates

Screenshot template — This only applies for screencaps (which will be most of the images we upload, since they're directly from the episodes).

Fairuse template — For images that do not come directly from the episode, like promotional stills, you use the {{fairuse}} template for licensing.