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Why don't they put up a poster that says 'Don't be a fucking dick to people'?

–   Tape 2, Side A


Alex Standall is a main character on 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Miles Heizer. Alex is a student at Liberty High School. He is the former friend of Hannah Baker and the former friend and boyfriend of Jessica Davis. Later he ends up becoming friends with the "popular" crowd at school.

Early Life

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Alex and Jessica began dating after being friends for a while, but broke up because she refused to have sex with him. To get back at her, he created a "Hot List" where he awarded Hannah with "Best Ass" and Jessica with "Worst Ass." This worsens the relationship between Hannah and Jessica because Jessica, in turn, blames her breakup with Alex on Hannah.

At the end of Episode 12, we see that someone has been shot in the head in the back of the ambulance. It is not until Episode 13, when the Head of Liberty High tells Mr. Porter that Alex shot himself in the head the night before and remains in critical condition at the hospital.[1]

Alex's Mistake (Reason #3)

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Alex is Hannah's reason number 3 of why she committed suicide.

Alex started dating Jessica, and because of this, the trio started hanging out less, because Jessica and Alex wanted to hang out on their own. Alex and Jess broke up, and Alex and some of the other jocks made a "hot or not" list, nominating Jessica with the worst ass and Hannah with the best ass to get back at Jessica. This led to Jessica confronting Hannah at Monet's because Jessica thought Hannah was responsible for Alex breaking up with her, and she slapped Hannah. This completely ruined Hannah and Jessica's friendship.


Alex, despite having a minor reason for being on the tapes, is greatly emphasized throughout the series. He is a bright, kind and caring person who is willing to accept responsibility for his actions. However Alex is somewhat selfish as he deliberately helped make a list in order to get revenge against Jessica for refusing to have sex with him, and in the process destroyed Hannah's friendship with Jessica and completely humiliated her. He also helped to intimidate Clay to keep him quite about the tapes though somewhat reluctantly.

Alex however is well aware that his actions are part of what led to Hannah's suicide and is shown to be completely devastated over her death. Unlike a majority of the others on Hannah's list, Alex is willing to tell the truth about his actions and claims that Hannah was his friend and that they should not lie about her. He is also disgusted at the group's willingness to hide behind Bryce in order to escape punishment for their actions and claims that the one thing that is worse than being a rapist is hiding behind one.

As a result of Hannah's death, Alex appears to be suicidal himself as he nearly drowns himself in Bryce's pool and later shoots himself in the head as a result of his immense guilt.

Physical Appearance

Alex is of average height, skinny and around 5 ft 10". His features consist of cropped, bleached blonde hair and pale skin. He also wears a gold septum ring. His sense of style is very similar to Clay's, and he is often seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt with some sort of jacket.


Alex and Jessica

Alex and Jessica had been dating for a while, but they ended up breaking up, because Jessica won't have sex with him. Alex then created a list, where he listed Hannah's butt as best, while Jessica's as the worst. In spite of everything, Alex showed Jessica that he still has feelings for her when he tells her 'I love you' at the Winter Formal. He tried to win her back, and even told Clay, that he will hang out around Jessica and piss her off, until she loves him back again. Throughout the series, it's shown that Alex still loves her, and Jessica cares for him very much. She even protects him from Justin, saying, that Alex might be pain in ass at times, but he's a decent person and not a liar, as he never lied to her.

Alex and Hannah

Alex and Hannah were friends for a while before he started dating Jessica, which caused the trio (consisting of Hannah, Jessica, and Alex) to drift apart because of Alex and Jessica wanting to hang out on their own. This leaves Hannah feeling outcasted and left out. As a result, Hannah and Alex go from being close friends to distant acquaintances, even after him and Jessica break up. Alex is Hannah's 3rd reason as to why she killed herself.

Alex is no doubt completely distraught and saddened by Hannah's death and feels immense guilt for what he did to her and regrets doing what he did. He even claims that his friendship with Hannah and Jessica is the one good thing he ever had and hates himself for sacrificing it in order to make a rapist (Bryce) like him.

Alex and Clay

Alex and Clay are friendly acquaintances who occasionally talk to each other, but don't classify themselves as full-out friends. Alex often tries to defend Clay whenever Justin, Montgomery, and Bryce tease him and try to pressure him into doing things. Although he tries to defend Clay, Alex is almost always overruled by the other guys.

Alex and Tyler

Alex and Tyler do not talk to each other that often, but when they do, it's usually Alex defending Tyler against people making fun of him. In return, we see Tyler taking Alex off of his "hit list" at the very end of Season 1, which could imply that Tyler is planning on shooting up the school but decided to spare Alex because Alex had always been nice to him.

Alex and Justin

Alex is manipulated by Justin and his group of friends throughout the entire season. He pretends to be Justin's friend but is actually miserable and wants out. When Clay asks him why he pretends to be friends with Justin, Alex tells Clay that it's easier that way. Alex continues to be manipulated by Justin for the rest of the season, until Justin came up with idea to kill Clay and to adjust everything like suicide because of unhappy love. Justin tries to threaten Alex, reminding that whatever happens to them, it will happen to Alex, too. Alex asks if he kills himself, will they die, too. However, when Justin asks Alex to let him spend the night in his house, Alex lets him stay, after which they go to Bryce, for Jessica, and Alex pushes Justin to tell Jessica the truth about what happened at her party.


Season 1


"Why don't they put up a poster that says 'Don't be a fucking dick to people'?"
―  Alex to Clay in Liberty Hallway[src]
"Do you wanna know what's worse than being a rapist? It's hiding behind one!"
―  Alex to the group after Tyler suggests using Bryce as a scapegoat to minimize the damage on themselves.[src]
"You want to get the story straight? We all know the story. Everything Hannah said on the tapes is true. You're gay. So what? Tyler, you're a stalker. Ryan, you're an arrogant asshole. Zach, you're just an entitled idiot who does cruel, stupid things even though you probably have a decent heart. And Sheri's a fucking coward who got a kid killed. (.....) No, Marcus. You'll do anything to keep up your perfect reputation. And, yeah, I'm a fucking weak, pathetic loser who ruined the one good thing that I ever had because I wanted a rapist to think I was just like him. Hannah was my friend. And we should tell the truth about her. Because I know that if I had still been friends with her, if any one of us had still been friends with her, she'd be alive."
―  Alex lashing out at the group after suggesting using Bryce as a scapegoat to escape punishment for their actions.[src]


  • Alex made it his goal to try every beverage on the menu at Monet's. He called himself a "searcher".
  • It's been said that Alex was taken off of Tyler Downs' photographic hit list because Tyler remembered a time when Alex defended him, or because he had already tried to kill himself with a gunshot to the head.



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