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Brandon Flynn (b. October 11, 1993) is an American actor. He portrays Justin Foley in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.


In 2016, Flynn was cast as Mike the intern in "BrainDead". Flynn recently starred in Vineyard Theatre's production of "Kid Victory", a newly-written musical about 17-year-old Luke (played by Flynn) from Kansas, who recently disappeared from his hometown and finds himself growing close with the town's oddball, Emily. Flynn has also acted in 11 plays, including "Much Ado About Nothing and The Crucible". He created a one-man show, entitled "Driving Mein Fuhrer", which he performed in a studio show for New World School of the Arts.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He was cast in an episode of the CBS series "Braindead." He starred in a Vineyard Theatre musical called "Kid Victory".[1]
  • Flynn currently has a tattoo of a semi-colon for Hannah Baker, suicide prevention and Project Semi-Colon, his other cast members, Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman also got the same tattoo with crew member, Selena Gomez, before Flynn did.
  • He is very good friends with Boe and Christian Navarro.
  • He is the polar-opposite from his character, Justin.
  • It was stated in an interview for Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why that Flynn along with Boe, were robbed and didn't know about it, but they laughed it off. Navarro was also in this interview.[2]





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