"She walked out of this office and she hoped you would come after her. You let her walk away. We all let her walk away. She walked out of school went home and put some things in order. She returned her uniform to the Crestmont, where I worked with her. She didn't say anything. She dropped it on the counter and walked away. She dropped a package off with a friend, then took another to the post office. Then she went back home put on some old clothes. She went into the bathroom filled the tub opened the box of razor blades she took from her parents' store that morning She got into the tub still with her clothes on slit her wrists and bled to death. And she died alone.""
―  Clay Jensen on Hannah's Death[src]

Hannah Baker's suicide is the result of the experiences described in the tapes she left behind.The tapes were created by Hannah before her death and were sent before her death.


Throughout "Thirteen Reasons Why" , Hannah describes the events that lead up to her suicide. The recording of the tapes was done on the night before her suicide attempt, with the-seventh tape being recorded on the day of her attempt.

On the day of her death, Hannah took one final tape from her parent's store to record her conversation with Mr. Porter and also took a pack of razors without the knowledge of her parents. Hannah arrived at school to talk to Mr. Porter in a last attempt to receive help for her issues. After receiving poor support from Porter, Hannah waited outside the counselors office for Mr. Porter to try to help her, which is explained in the final tape Hannah left. After Hannah did not receive any help she left Liberty High School for a final time and began to sort out the tapes. She sent the tapes to Tony Padilla who witnessed this event, sent tapes to Justin Foley and returned home.

At the Baker House, Hannah began to run a bath. She then changed into old clothes and committed suicide in the bath by slowly, painfully slicing her wrists open. In the television series, this scene is incredibly graphic in order to present the message that suicide isn't glamorous in any way; it also shows Hannah in extreme pain and crying while she bleeds out to show that it is not quick and painless. After a few minutes, she bleeds to death and her mother knocks on the door, asking why the tub was running. She comes in and looks in horror at Hannah, cradling her and saying she's okay. She calls for Hannah's father to help, and he comes running in, also looking at Hannah in horror. He tries to comfort Ms. Baker but she shouts at him to call 9-1-1.


  • This version is different from the books, where Hannah overdoses on medication.
  • In Asher's original version, Hannah actually survives her suicide attempt. This was changed however as he wanted to make the message more powerful and hard-hitting.
  • Tony actually listens to the tapes before Hannah dies and tries to reach her before she dies, he is too late however as she is being placed in a body bag when he arrives.

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