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Hot Chocolate is the cure for all things shitty in life.

–   Tape 1, Side B

Jessica Davis is a fierce girl that began Liberty High around the same time as Hannah Baker. She mentions that she is a military brat, explaining why her family has moved around so much. The two were paired up as friends by their guidance counselor but bonded as a result. The two hang out at Monet's where they meet another kid new to Liberty High, Alex Standall.

Jessica is the second person on the list of reasons why Hannah killed herself, where she was responsible for mistakenly believing that Hannah was the reason for her breakup with Alex.

Early Life

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Throughout the Series

Season 1

It was Jessica's first day of school at Liberty High. There she sat in the main office, waiting to see the guidance counselor. She wasn't the only one, Hannah Baker had also been called to the office. Mrs. Antilly, the guidance counselor, paired them up since they were both new at Liberty. She reasoned that she wanted them to bond and have each other to rely on among the unfamiliar crowd of students. The pair bonded instantly, sharing the same sense of humor and joked about forgetting each other's names.

They began to hang out more, and would always go to their favorite place, Monet's. One day, they spotted a boy, Alex Standall, supposedly looking at them in the coffee shop. Jessica asked which one of them he was checking out, and they became a trio. Eventually, Jessica, along with Alex, stopped coming to Monet's and started dating. It is found out later in the show that Jessica was raped at her own party by Bryce Walker when she was unconscious. However, she doesn't find out about this until much later in the show.

In the present day, Jessica is now a cheerleader and is dating Justin Foley. When Clay keeps approaching her, Jessica pleads with Clay to not believe everything he hears on the tapes, making him assume that Hannah must've shared something horrible. Jessica then found Justin, hiding in Bryce's house. She tells him about Clay and the tapes, and how she is worried that he might've told the police. [1]

Jessica's Mistake (Reason #2)

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Jessica is Hannah's second reason of why she committed suicide.

Jessica started drifting away from the trio (Alex and Hannah) when they would always meet up at Monet's after school to hangout. Hannah then found out while serving them at the movies that the reason her two friends drifted away was because Alex and Jessica were going out (they were watching a film). Jessica also slapped Hannah in thinking that she was the reason Alex broke up with her. Jessica and Hannah then begun to just not be friends.


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Physical Appearance

Jessica is a pretty girl with long curly brown hair, a dark complexion and brown eyes. She is shown to have a very casual but stylish attire.


Alex Standall

Before they started going out, they were a part of a trio, along with Hannah Baker. According to Hannah, they stopped coming to their "office", Monet's, and started dating. Their relationship didn't last long. When Jessica refused to have sex with Alex, they broke up. Alex started a list, and he listed Jessica's ass as the worst.

Hannah Baker

Jessica and Hannah had a really strong friendship, along with their friend Alex Standall. Their friendship turned rocky after Alex started a list and stated that Jess' ass was the worst while Hannah's was the best, which caused a rivalry between them. However, Hannah seemed to still care for Jessica as she warned her to be careful about Justin Foley, and even drove her home after the Winter Formal.

Justin Foley

Jessica and Justin began dating after Jessica's relationship with Alex ended. Throughout the series, they seem to truly care about and love each other, but at the very end Justin reveals to Jessica that Bryce had raped her, prompting Jessica to slap him and declare that she hated him because he had kept something so big from her. This interaction symbolized their breakup, and Justin tried desperately to win her back for the rest of the season, unsuccessfully. One of the last scenes in Season One is outside of Monet's, where Justin begs Jessica to "tell me what you want" with tears in his eyes. Jessica tells Justin that she never wants to see him or speak to him again and drives off, leaving him standing in the parking lot.


Season 1


"What I want is to never see you again, in my life."
―  Jessica to Justin[src]


  • She is Hannah's second reason on why she killed herself.
  • She was Hannah's second best friend, but they too were distanced after a while.



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