What I meant, what I mean is that, if I hadn't moved away, if I hadn't let her start dating Justin, if I'd been around to help her through it, she'd still be alive today.

–   Kat at her deposition, Tape 7, Side A

Kat is a minor character in 13 Reasons Why. She was Hannah's only real friend before she moved away. She is portrayed by Giorgia Whigham.


Season One

Tape 1, Side A

She is first introduced in the flashback, taking place at her going away party. She and Hannah bet against Clay, and Kat owes Hannah five dollars. She welcomes Clay and hands him a beer. When she sees Bryce flirting with Hannah, she tells Hannah to stay away from him. After Hannah goes away to get a beer, she tells Clay to make a move. At the time, she is dating Justin, although Hannah clearly likes him. After she moved away, Kat video chatted Hannah and tells her that he is all hers.

Tape 7, Side A

Kat is back when the Baker's handed out subpoenas for their lawsuit, since Kat is on the list that Olivia found in the back of Hannah's closet. When she arrives at the taped deposition, Dennis states that Kat texted Hannah more than once that she had a bad taste in guys. If she hadn't moved away, she wouldn't have let Hannah date Justin and she would have been around to help her through it she'd still be alive today. When Dennis asked if she was talking about Justin Foley, she states that Justin is dead to her.


Season One