This article is about the Netflix series character. You may be looking for the book character.


Kevin Porter is a main character in the Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why.

He is the new counselor at Liberty High School. He is the subject of the thirteenth and final tape made by Hannah Baker, where he was responsible for not helping Hannah after she told him about her sexual assault and suicidal thoughts. He is the new counselor after Mrs. Antilly moved to another school district. He is portrayed by Derek Luke.


Season One

After Hannah was raped by Bryce at his party, she famously quotes at the beginning of the episode that she is "giving life one last try". She then goes to Mr. Porter and tells him that she was raped. Mr. Porter asks Hannah if she said no or told her rapist to stop, to which she replies no. He then says that she probably consented and then regretted it afterwards and tells her to "move on" after she says she doesn't want to press charges and refuses to give the name of the person who raped her. Hannah is infuriated by Mr. Porter's response and storms out of his office. She then pauses outside of his office and hopes that he will come after her, but he doesn't. This leads to Hannah grabbing several packets of cassette tapes and a box of razor blades from her parents' store, going home and recording the tapes, turning in her work uniform to Clay, leaving the tapes outside of Tony's house, going back home, filling up the bathtub, and getting in and slitting her wrists. She bleeds to death in the bathtub and names Mr. Porter as the final reason as to why she killed herself. [1]





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