Lainie Jensen is a main character in 13 Reasons Why. She is the mother of Clay Jensen and the wife of Matt Jensen. She is portrayed by Amy Hargreaves.


Season One

Tape 1, Side A

She was first seen when Clay comes home from school. As Clay is listening to the intro of the first tape, she walks in on him and scares him. As a typical mother, she asks if Clay wants to talk about anything, especially with the recent suicide of Hannah Baker, his co-worker. When Clay got home from the bike accident, she is concerned and wants to help him, only to be shut down.

Tape 1, Side B

The next day, she wakes up Clay from outside his room. To Clay's shock, she announced that she made breakfast and wants to have family breakfast together every morning.

Tape 5, Side A

Lainie picks Clay up from school after he got suspended for the possession of weed. Clay asks to be taken to the police station to sign up for the required drug program. Clay asks her a hypothetical question that involves around rape, but the only witness is gone. Lainie asks him if the situation is about Hannah Baker. While there, he finally tells her that he was friends with Hannah and it hurts that she isn't alive anymore.