Skye Miller is a recurring character in 13 Reasons Why. She is a waitress at Monet's and a student at Liberty High School. She is portrayed by Sosie Bacon.


When Clay Jensen comes up and orders coffee for him and Sheri Holland, Skye asks him if he was into cheerleaders now. She says that they looked like a cute couple and they should go on dates to Abercrombie and watch her try on pre-distressed jean shorts and gladiator sandals. Skye then asks if he was the cheerleader type and only liked nice girls as he was walking away. [1]

In the flashback, she was working at Monet's when she went over to Hannah Baker's table and asks if she needed the table cleared. Hannah said no, and Skye walked back to behind the counter. She is seen looking at Hannah when she writes on the cafe napkin. In communications class, Skye realized that Mrs. Bradley pulled Hannah's note out of the anonymous bag. She defends her when everyone thinks that the note is a joke, and that lead to everyone thinking that Skye wrote the note.

In the present, she follows Clay Jensen out of the school after he humiliated himself and finds him vandalizing Zach Dempsey's Audi. She reveals that she was there for sculpture studio, not the basketball game. She talked about how Zach's family is rich enough to buy their asshole son a new $60,000 car. When Clay says that the school is an awful place, she sarcastically made a remark that he had only came to a realization now, and that he was too busy pining after a dead girl all these years. She takes one final look at the car before Clay walks away and decides that it needs a question mark to the words "why me". [2]

Physical Appearance

Skye has a very dark appearance. Her physical features consist of pale skin, highlighted hair and dark eyeliner. She also wears pink lipstick, black nailpolish, black clothes, body piercings and tattoos.


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