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Liberty High School

[Present Time: In the Hallway]

[The camera slowly zooms out of Hannah's locker, decorated with pictures, stickers and letters.]

Hannah VO: Hey, it's Hannah. Hannah Baker. That's right. Don't adjust your... whatever device you're hearing this on. It's me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore, and this time, absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically why my life ended.

[Clay is at his locker. He turns around and sees Hannah, she smiles and disappears. He turns back around and walks towards her locker. Two girls are standing in front of off it.]

Girl: She was so pretty.
Girl 2: Totally.

[They take a selfie and walk away.]

Girl 2: What is it again?
Girl: #NeverForget.

[Clay watches them leave and approaches her locker. Justin walks up to him.]

Justin: What the hell are you doing?
Clay: Nothing. I'm just-
Justin: Looking for something?
Clay: What would I be looking for?
Justin: You tell me.
Clay: Do you even know my name?
Justin: 'Course I do, Clay.

[Mr Porter walks up to them.]

Mr Porter: Guys. Second bell.
Justin: You're not that innocent, Jensen. I don't give a shit what she says.
Mr .Porter: Mr Foley, let's go. Get to homeroom.

[Clay watches him leave.]

Mr Porter: You too, Mr Jensen.

[Clay glances at the locker again.]

[Present Time: In Peer Communications Class]

Mrs. Bradley: So, there are a number of ways to get help if you need it, or if a friend does, okay? And all of this information is on the board outside of my room or outside of the main office. It's on the Liberty High home page.
Student: Ms Bradley, is it possible we could be done with all this? I mean, it's been over a week. Isn't it healthy to like, move on?
[Students start talking.]
Mrs' Bradley: Okay, everyone, thank you.
Student: Seriously, I know, it's tragic. But I don't want to keep being reminded all the time. It's depressing.
Ms Bradley: We're never done with it, Mr Pratters, which is why it's important to know the signs of someone you care for might need help. I mean, are they withdrawing from friends and family? Is there a change in their appearance? Are they having trouble in [Ms Bradely's voice fades away from reality as Clay is in a flashback.]
[Flashback: In Peer Communications Class]

[Hannah is sitting in the empty chair that Clay was staring at in present time.]

Mrs. Bradley: The group collaboration project is worth one-fifth of your semester grade total, so - [bell rings] Okay, so, please be committed and constant and fair to each other.
Clay: I like the hair. The short hair. Um I liked the long hair, too. And, um, I realize this makes me seem wishy-washy, and I should have said something the other night, and in truth I don't actually like change, but this change seems cool.
Hannah: Thanks, Clay.
[Present Time: In Peer Communications Class]

[Clay is still staring at the empty chair.]

Ms. Bradley: Clay? Clay. [clears throat] Clay.
Clay: Yeah, sorry, what? [students chuckle].
Mrs. Bradley: Are you with us?
Clay: Yeah, no, I am, I'm with you.
Mrs. Bradley: So, between now and then, observe yourself. Bring in information.
[Present Time: Liberty High Hallway]

[Mr. Porter is taking Hannah's parent's to her locker to pick up the rest of her belongings.]

Mr. Porter: The students did this on their own. We thought it just best to leave it.
Olivia: I see.
Mr: Porter: I'm sorry, um- Let me try this again.
Andy: You'd think there'd be a master key or something.
Mr. Porter: Yeah, there was, once.
Olivia: She doesn't have any stickers or pictures inside. Why doesn't she have any stickers?
Andy: Honey, it's just a locker.
Olivia: No, it's Hannah's locker. Why is it like that?
Mr. Porter: Ma'am, I really don't know.
Olivia: This is everything, then?
Mr. Porter: Yes. I mean, we can go through the rest in my office. That way I can return the textbook.
Andy: We just need anything personal.
Olivia: The lawyer said bring everything.
Andy: Lawyers say a lot of things.
[Present Time: The Boy's Bathroom]

[Girls laughing, chattering outside]

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Door shuts]

Tyler: Oh. Hey, Clay.
Clay: Hey, Tyler

[Distant whistle blowing]

Tyler: What?
Clay: Nothing.

[Clay enters the toilet and locks the door.]

[Camera shutter clicks]

Bryce: No, no, Mom, it's a stupid school e-mail. You do not need to come ho- Uh, hey, hold on. What the fuck are you doing?
Tyler: Nothing. Just yearbook stuff.
Bryce: Get out, dude. Hey, sorry. Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. Everything's fine here. Just stay in Aspen. Yes, I am sure, Mother, 100 percent sure. Put Dad on the phone.

[Present Time: Outside Liberty High School]

[Courtney comes over to Clay and hugs him.]

Courtney: Clay. How are you doing, sweetie? You've been on my mind.
Clay: Hey, Courtney. I have?
Courtney: Well, I just feel like we all need to be there for each other at a time like this, you know?
Clay: Sure.
Courtney: It's all just so sad. It just doesn't make sense, right?
Clay: No. But, um a lot of things don't make sense.
Courtney: Exactly. So true. Some things, you know, just don't have simple explanations, right?
Clay: Right. Yeah.
Courtney: I'm glad we got to talk. Bye.
Clay: Yeah, good talk.
Tony: Hey, Clay.

[Clay turns around]

Tony: You want a ride home?
Clay: Yeah, sure.
Tony: No bike today?
Clay: Uh, no, Mom wanted to drive me, and, you know, talk about things.
Tony: Oh. [engine starts] Can I play you a tape?
Clay: Yeah, of course. You're still on the old media, huh?
Tony: Uh, it's so much better.

["Love Will Tear Us Apart" playing]

Clay: Everything was better before.
Tony: You said it, son.

[Song fades]

[Flashback: In The Crestmont] 

[Hannah is teaching Clay how to serve popcorn since Clay is a trainee.]

Hannah:  Like so. Now, if they ask you if it's real butter, what do you say?
Clay: It's a butter-based product.
Hannah:  And smile when you say it. I know, terrifying. But it sells the big lie. Oh, and, uh, little trade secret: If they're cute, only put butter on the top so they have to come back for more during the movie.
Clay: Okay, uh, why?
Hannah:  So you can chat 'em up.
Clay: Oh, chat's not really my thing.
Hannah:  I like it. I think we're gonna get along. As long as you remember I started here three weeks before you, so I have seniority, which is why I'm training you. Which is insane if you think about it, because I just moved here two months ago and I have no idea what I'm doing.
Clay: I think it's going well. Do you like it?
Hannah:  Here? At the Crestmont? I find the various smells fascinating.
Clay: No, this town. Oh, right. Uh I don't have anything to compare it to. I've lived here all my life. It's like asking Han Solo "How is space?"
Hannah:  Wow! You're an actual nerd, aren't you? I admire that. There's courage in being a nerd.
[Flashback: The Jensen House]

[car horn honking]
[song continues]

Clay: Catch you later. Dad, where's your radio thing?
Matt: "My radio thing"?
Clay: That thing you play CDs on when you're painting or working in the yard or whatever.
Matt: My boom box.
Clay: That really what they're called?
Matt: They were. I believe now they're called obsolete. Uh, yeah, it's in the workshop.
Clay: It plays tapes, right?
Matt: It does, last I checked. How were things at school today?
Clay: Same. Everyone's still acting weird.
Matt: And you? Um- How are you doing?
Clay: Me? I'm fine. I'm good. So, can I- I can use the boom box?
Matt: Yes, of course. The boom box. Go. But keep in touch. Okay?
Clay: Sure thing, Dad.
Hannah VO: Hey, it's Hannah. Hannah Baker.
Clay: Holy shit.
Hannah VO: Don't adjust your whatever device you're hearing this on. It's me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore, and this time, absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you're listening to this tape you're one of the reasons why. I'm not saying which tape brings you into the story. But fear not, if you received this lovely little box, your name will pop up. I promise. Anyway, the rules here are pretty simple. There are only two.
Lainie: Whatcha doing?
Clay: Jesus!
Lainie: Sorry.
Clay: What have we said about helicopter parenting?
Lainie: I didn't mean to scare you. You were just lost in what is that you're listening to?
Clay: It's, uh it's nothing. It's for history class.
Lainie: Cassettes are history now?
Clay: Mm-hm. Hm! Of course they are.
Lainie: Can I listen?
Clay: No, uh, it's dumb. I'm gonna head up to my room. Homework.
Lainie: Clay, school emailed again today.
Clay: Which explains why Dad showed interest in my life. You two are dangerous when you coordinate.
Lainie: You know I hate being the kind of parent who asks if you want to talk about anything, but if you want to talk about anything-
Clay: I didn't really know her, Mom.
Lainie: Didn't you two work together at the Crestmont?
Clay: Yeah, for a little while-
Lainie: But you didn't know her very well?
Clay: Not really. I need to get to work- Shit!
Lainie: Language.
Clay: I'm sorry. I gotta I gotta go work. This thing is due in two days, so I gotta go.
Lainie: Clay. Slow down, hon. It's just homework.
Clay: Yeah. Thanks, Mom.
Clay: What the hell? [grunts] Shit. [sighs] I have to go to Tony's.
Lainie: Hold on, Tony's? Now?
Clay: He needs one of the tapes. We're working together.
Lainie: Dinner's in a half hour.
Clay: Make me a plate for later?
Lainie: Text me if you're gonna be later than really late.
Clay: I will. Bye.
Lainie: Bye.
[Present: Tony's house]
Mr. Padilla: Hand me the screwdriver. Okay.
Clay: Hey, Tony.
Tony: Hey, Clay.
Clay: Something wrong with her?
Mr. Padilla: Nothing wrong yet. It's called taking care of things.
Tony: Dad, you remember Clay.
Mr. Padilla: Yeah, sure. How you doing, Clay?
Clay: I'm well, thank you.
Tony: So, Clay, what's up? Nothing.
Clay: I was, uh I was out for a ride.
Tony: On the other side of town?
Mr. Padilla: That should do it. Start her up.
Tony: Hand me the rag.
Clay: I'll do it.
Mr. Padilla: If we got the timing right, we'll hear it. Okay, flip the ignition. You hear that? That's how it should sound.
Tony: That sounds different?
Mr. Padilla: Yeah, it's different. Are you deaf?
Tony: Sounds the same as before.
Mr. Padilla: Then you are deaf. That's so much smoother. Like night and day. I don't think so. I know, and you should too. That's why I'm showing you this. Okay, shut her off.
Clay: I should get out of here.
Tony: Sure you don't want to stay for dinner?
Clay: No, thanks. My mom's making pork chops. If I'm not home soon, she'll call the cops or something.
Tony: They emailed all the parents again.
Clay: Oh, I know.
Mr. Padilla: She leave a note? Girl who killed herself?
Clay: Uh- I don't know.
Mr. Padilla: Well, you listen to me. You ever do that to your mother, I will kill you, you understand? I'll kill you dead. Clean this shit up.
Tony: No sense of irony in that comment. None. He's, uh He's a simple man.
Clay: Yep. I'll see you later.
Tony: Clay, I think you got something that belongs to me.
Clay: I do?
Tony: My keys.
Clay: Oh, yeah, right. Here. I'll see you later.
[Present time: Clay is on his bicycle.]
Hannah VO: The rules here are pretty simple. There are only two. Rule number one: you listen. Number two: you pass it on. Hopefully, neither one will be easy. It's not supposed to be easy, or I would have emailed you an MP3. When you're done listening to all 13 sides, because there are 13 sides to every story rewind the tapes, put them back in the box, and pass them on to the next person. Why the hell am I on this? Oh, and the box of tapes should have included a map. I'll be mentioning several spots around our beloved city. I can't force you to visit them, but if you'd like a little more insight, head for the stars. Or, you know, just throw the map away and I'll never know or will I? You see, in case you're tempted to break the rules, understand I did make a copy of these tapes, and I left them with a trusted individual who, if this package doesn't make it through all of you, will release those copies in a very public manner. This was not a spur of the moment decision. Do not take me for granted. Not again.
Clay: I never did! [car horn honking] Whoa! [honking] [tires squeal] [tape player clatters] [tires squealing away] [grunts] [coughs] [panting] [groans softly] Oh, shit. [grunts]
Hannah VO: Do what I say. Not more, not less. You're being watched.
[Present time: Clay's room.]
Lainie: Everything okay?
Clay: Yeah. No, I just forgot something.
Lainie: Clay, your forehead!
Clay: What? It's nothing.
Lainie: Did you fall off your bike?
Clay: Low-hanging branch. I went through the woods. It was dark.
Lainie: I'll get the first aid kit.
Clay: I don't need first aid.
Lainie: You are bleeding. You need ointment.
Clay: Mom, please don't say "ointment." I'm fine, really.
Lainie: What happened?
Clay: I told you, bike, branch, skin.
Lainie: That's all?
Clay: Mom, I tell you everything about my life because it is so fascinating, I promise. I'll clean it up. I have to go. Tony's waiting.
Lainie: Ah-ah. Your helmet, please.
[Flashback: The Crestmont.]
Hannah: Love the helmet. It's adorable.
Clay: You mean "adorable" in a helpless baby animal sort of way, I'm guessing.
Hannah: Aren't you afraid of helmet hair?
Clay: My hair does the same thing no matter what, just sits there.
Hannah: You just need some product. A little effort to style it, blow-dry it in the morning.
Clay: And sacrifice my masculinity?
Hannah: That ship has sailed, don't you think?
Clay: Forgive me for wanting to keep my brains in my head.
Hannah: Instead of, say, some other regions, like most boys? Come on, Helmet, you've got bathrooms to clean.
Clay: You mean "we've got."
Hannah: Mm. I don't, actually. Oh, uh, party at my house tomorrow night. You're invited. It's mandatory. Don't bring the helmet.
Clay: Cool. Where, uh where do you live?
[Present: Clay is riding his bike.]
Hannah VO: Put your finger on "C," your other finger on "4. " Bring them together. That's our first red star. I know, right? A map. Old school, again. No Google Maps, no app, no chance for the interwebs to make everything worse, like it does. You've arrived at my first house in this shitty town where I threw my first and only party and where I met Justin Foley the subject of our first tape. It was just a party. I didn't know it was the beginning of the end. Justin, you were in love with my friend Kat. My only friend.
[Flashback. Hannah's house.]
Kat: He came! Clay's here!
Hannah: I win! You owe me five dollars.
Kat: Oh, my God.
Clay: You bet on me?
Kat: Against you. Last party I saw Clay at mm, my birthday, fourth grade.
Clay: I still remember that clown.
Kat: Mm! Oh, my God. He was a heroin addict. My mother the social worker hired a recovering heroin addict. He had the shakes. Okay, uh, drinks. Come on. Excuse me.
Clay: I just thought he was nervous.
Kat: Hey.
Girl: Hi, Kat.
Clay: This is quite a turnout. People are happy to see you go.
Kat: I really just threw it so Hannah could finally meet some people before I depart this realm.
Hannah: I met Helmet.
Kat: Clay doesn't count. You met him at work.
Clay: I feel like that should count.
Kat: Of course you do. Okay, refills. Clay, what is your drink?
Clay: Uh, Sprite.
Kat: Oh, my God, you are priceless. You are a gem. You'll have a beer.
Clay: Sure, I like beer.
Tyler: Kat.
Kat: Oh. Picture. [shutter clicks]
Hannah: Stop having so much fun, Clay.
Clay: I'm having fun, totally. Woot!
Hannah: You're too buttoned up. [laughing] Hey there.
Bryce: Hey there.
Hannah: Hey.
Bryce: You're, um, you're the new girl.
Hannah: Apparently.
Bryce: Uh, I like your laugh.
Hannah: Thanks. I like your understated sense of fashion.
Bryce: [chuckles] Thanks.
Kat: Bryce. Better go hit the keg and catch up. You're an hour behind.
Bryce: I'll see you later I hope. See you.
Kat: Oh, God, no. Solid no, Hannah. He is, like, frat boy Darth Vader.
Hannah: He didn't seem that bad.
Kat: I was being kind.
Clay: She kind of was.
Hannah: I think I want a beer too.
Kat: Okay, then, Princess Leia.
Hannah: Oh, my God, you're both nerds.
Kat: Have fun. Are you gonna tell her?
Clay: Tell her what?
Kat: Oh, please. I've known you this entire century.
Clay: Well, give me a break. I'm not good with the you know, and the gay rumors only recently subsided.
Kat: Mmm. So the stakes are high for you.
Clay: It's like, around her, I can be different, you know? I'm the new and improved Clay Jensen: high school sophomore, archaeologist-slash-adventurer.
Kat: Clay, sweets, you're a prize. But from my limited observation, she has terrible taste in guys.
Clay: You won't say anything to her?
Kat: Only if it comes up.
Clay: Kat! [cell phone vibrating]