Welcome back. So glad you're still listening. Are you having fun? You must be wondering who's next and why? Is it you? What did you do? How did you end up on these tapes? Maybe you did something cruel. Or maybe you just watched it happen. Maybe you didn't even realize you were being cruel. Maybe you didn't do anything at all. And maybe you should have. Too late. I know exactly what you did. And after these tapes, you'll never forget it. I know I won't. And uh oh by the way...I'm still dead.

–   Hannah Baker

Tape 1, Side B is the second episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the second episode of the series overall.


Hannah makes friends with Jessica and Alex, two other new students. Justin doesn't show up at school, and Hannah's mother finds something troubling.



The guidance counselor introduced Hannah and Jessica because they were both new in school. She wanted them to be friends or at least a friendly face in the crowd. Surprisingly, the two click immediately. They become best friends and are seen going shopping, hanging out at school, and going to their favorite coffee shop, Monet. They meet Alex, their third best friend, at the cafe and soon the three are inseparable.

Unfortunately, Jessica and Alex begin to date. This causes a rift between the trio and soon they are alienating Hannah. Hannah finds out one day while walking through the cafeteria. Like all high school relationships, Jessica's and Alex's doesn't last. Hannah tries to comfort them both but ends up caught in the crossfire between the two of them. Things get worse when Alex creates a high school "hot list." Jessica is upset because she won "worst ass" while Hannah got "best ass. She thinks that Hannah is seeing Alex behind her back. Even going as far as suggesting that they'd been meeting at Monets.

Present day

Clay has breakfast with his parents and finds out that his Mom had an old prescription refilled. The prescription is for antidepressants and it's assumed that he'd been taking them for some reason in the past.

Jessica is now a cheerleader and has committed yet another friend taboo. She is dating Hannah's first kiss: Justin. Unfortunately, Justin seems to be missing and neither Clay nor Jessica can find him. Clay asks the school staff but they refuse to talk about another student's issues. As Clay listens to the tapes, he realizes that he isn't the first person to listen to them. Jessica, Justin, and even Alex have already heard Hannah's 13 reasons. Jessica pleads with Clay to not believe everything he hears on the tapes, making him assume that Hannah must've shared something horrible.

Finally, Justin is found. He's been hiding at Bryce's house and living it up by playing video games along with getting high. Jessica goes to see him and confronts him for being MIA. She tells him that she's worried that Clay might share the tapes with the police. She also angrily accuses Justin of lying because if Hannah hadn't been telling the truth then why was he avoiding everyone?

Tony talks to Clay and remarks that he's taking his sweet time listening to the tapes. Clay was close to Hannah and admits it's hard to hear her voice and knowing that she's gone. Hannah's mom, Olivia, finds some incriminating evidence that could solidify their lawsuit: the "hot list" Alex made. Hannah's dad, Andy, isn't sure that this will help them. Olivia doesn't care as she needs to find a reason that explains why her daughter killed herself.

Olivia calls Tony and asks for help because she doesn't understand what the list means. Clay sees Tony go into the Baker's house and wonders why.





"Friendship. It's complicated. But don't worry. You won't go through this alone. That's not fun. Trust me. I've been there. Now, it won't always be easy. It might even hurt a bit. Or a bit more than a bit. That depends on you. But fear not, we'll get through this. Step by step, tape by tape. You and me. Together. And don't forget there are others."
―  Hannah

"See, I can guarantee that one of the reasons you're still listening is that you really want to know who are the others? Who else is responsible for my death? Well, you're going to learn soon enough. And, of course, they're going to learn about you, too. It they haven't already."
―  Hannah

"Okay. Enough with the small talk. It's time to meet the star of Tape 1, Side B. So, without further ado, let me introduce my former friend. Step up, Jessica Davis. You're next."
―  Hannah

"I’m not great at math, but here’s one thing I learned for sure: one plus one plus one… is not a simple equation. Alex was the first to stop coming. He found some other friends. He traded up. We were still friendly in the halls but that’s it. Then it was down to Jessica and me. But then, Jessica stopped coming, too. We all went our separate ways. Or so I thought."
―  Hannah


  • The tape is about Jessica Davis.
  • It is shown that Hannah, Jessica and Alex were once best friends.
  • Jessica and Alex dated, making Hannah feel excluded.



Song Title Album Artist
Reunion Junk M83
Run Boy Run The Golden Age Woodkid
Going Home Songs For Late At Night Vol.2 Gileah Taylor


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