"You've heard of the butterfly effect, right? That if a butterfly flaps its wings at just the right time in just the right place. It can cause a hurricane thousands of miles away. It's chaos theory. But, see, chaos theory isn't exactly about chaos. It's about how a tiny change in a big system can affect everything. Chaos theory. Sounds dramatic, but it's not. Ask a mathematician. Better yet, ask someone who's been in a hurricane."
―  Hannah Baker

Tape 2, Side A is the third episode of Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why. It is the third episode of the series overall. This episode and side of the second tape is about Alex Standall.


Jealousy and gossip take a toll on Hannah's relationships. As Alex struggles with feelings of regret, the guys pressure Clay into getting drunk.



Hannah and Clay sit on top of the movie theater they work at and stargaze.

Because of the "Hot List," Hannah gets assaulted daily as guys start to grab her, make lewd comments, and take pictures. This is all just a game to them but it's one that Bryce takes too far.

Hannah is at the local liquor store purchasing a candy when she runs into Bryce. He offers to buy her the candy bar. As he's handing Hannah the candy, he reaches over and grabs her ass. He smugly says that Alex appropriately gave her the title of "best ass." Hannah doesn't move as Bryce leaves. Once she's sure that he's gone Hannah begins to cry and quickly leaves the liquor store.

Present day

Alex is not taking Hannah's suicide too well and blames himself for her death. He's listened to the tapes twice and knows that what he did was wrong. By making the list, Alex gave the rest of the school the ammo to sexualize Hannah. He admits that he only gave her the "hot ass" award was to get back at Jessica for refusing to have sex with him.

Hannah's Mom still can't seem to find a reason why Hannah killed herself. She goes to the Principal and asks if he noticed anything different about Hannah. How she acted in school. The Principal refuses to talk to her since she's brought a lawsuit against the school. Olivia goes into the girl's bathroom and finds graffiti about Hannah. She comes to the conclusion that Hannah was being bullied and that's all the evidence she needs.

Clay uses the map and goes to visit the liquor store where Bryce grabbed Hannah's butt. He runs into Bryce who is purchasing alcohol for him and his friends. They convince Clay to drink with them and he has a chugging contest against Alex, which, he wins. Alex decides to jump into the pool with all his clothes on after coming to the conclusion that his new friends have only made his life miserable.

On his way home, he sees Tony beating up some guy. At home, he has dinner with his parents but ends up throwing up all over the dinner table.



"I'm cleaning up. What, they think these are gonna save someone's life? "Suicide's not an option"? Yeah, you know what? Clearly it is an option, you know? Why don't they put up a poster that says "Don't be a dick"? Why don't we put up that poster?"
―  Alex
"Maybe you think I'm being silly, I'm some stupid girl who gets all worked up over a little thing, but little things matter. For instance, you never told me when you started dating Jessica, but I remember just how it ended: with your list."
―  Hannah (over the tapes to Alex)
"You can't imagine the first thing about my life right now"
―  Olivia to Principal Gary Bolan





Song Title Album Artist Scene
Doing it to Death Ash & Ice The Kills At the beginning, Hannah explains the butterfly effect, after this Jessica looks for Justin at his Moms' house.
Whatever You Want Matter of Choice Cold Showers Clay asks Hannah to watch the lunar eclipse with him.
The Only Boy Awake The Only Boy Awake Meadows Hannah and Clay hang out on the rooftop of The Crestmont to watch the eclipse at night.
Into The Black Kill for Love Chromatics Guilt and sadness consumes Alex as he falls hopelessly into the pool at Bryces' house.
Cowards Starve The Agent Intellect Prtotomartyr Clay drinks 40oz of alcohol while with Alex and the jocks, gets into an argument with Tony, and witnesses Tony and his family beat someone up.