We're always watching someone. Following someone. And being followed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram they've made us a society of stalkers. And we love it. Of course, stalking someone in real life is a whole 'nother thing. That's right. I had a stalker. And if you've made it to A-4, you're outside his window. Just like I am right now. Any guesses yet? No? Well, stay tuned to hear about the skeletons he dug up. For now let's see if he's got any of his own. I get that it's a thrill looking into someone's life. My heart's pounding right now. Can you hear it? Listen.
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Tape 2, Side B is the fourth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why.The subject of this tape is Tyler Down.


Hannah thinks someone is stalking her and Courtney helps her sets a trap. Hannah's mother confronts the principal, and Clay strikes back at someone who wronged Hannah.




Tyler would stand outside Hannah's house and take pictures of her. She didn't know it was him so Courtney offers to help Hannah catch her stalker. They plan to learn his or her identity by having a sleepover, a way to bait them to show up and take pictures. The plan goes awry when the girls get into Hannah's parents' liquor cabinet. They forget about Tyler and decide to play truth or dare. One thing leads to another and soon they're making out. Of course, Tyler shows up at the right moment and takes a picture. Courtney is upset and afraid that the entire school will find out her preference for girls.

The next day at school, Hannah and Tyler talk, and he agrees to get rid of the pictures. He then proceeds to ask Hannah out on a date. She refuses as he just admitted to being her stalker. So a pissed off Tyler decides to pull a Justin and forwards the picture to the entire school. Courtney confronts Hannah and tells her that they shouldn't speak anymore. Of course, Courtney overreacted as no one ever learned who the girls in the photo were. But everyone now has a copy of the pictures on their computer — even Clay who masturbates to it.

Present Day

Clay Jensen confronts Tyler Down about his stalking Hannah and taking pictures of her. He reveals that he was in love with her. That he loved that she didn't try to hide who she was. Clay wants him to destroy all the pictures but hesitates after Tyler shows him a picture of him and Hannah together.

Marcus invites Clay to a Halloween party. He wants him to bring the tapes. The people at the party try to convince Clay to move on and forget about Hannah and what he's heard. Tony warns him not to trust anything Marcus and his friends say. As Clay bikes home, he sees that Hannah's house has been toilet papered. He stops and tries to clean it up. Olivia catches him and mistakes him for the culprit. He says that he was trying to clean up so she invites him inside. He goes inside but leaves after Olivia tries to pressure him into helping them find out why Hannah killed herself.

Olivia and Andy are both trying to deal with Hannah's unexpected death. Andy's pharmacy store is losing customers to a new Wal-mart opening up nearby. He doesn't know why people aren't coming and Olivia says it's because of Hannah. That people don't know how to act around them or what to say. Andy is upset about this and muses that Hannah's death could've been prevented.

Clay decides to get back at Tyler for putting Hannah through yet another picture scandal. He goes and takes a photo of a naked Tyler and shares it with the other people who've had the tapes. Tony texts Clay a confused, "What the hell?" Clay just replies that he's doling out his own type of justice.


Besides, you're not the first one to come look at the famous window. We all did it. And we all took our shot.
— Marcus to Clay on Tyler's window.

I didn't really think anything of it at first. Must have been the sound of a tree branch in the wind. But the sound followed me. I was too scared to move even to shut the blinds.
— Hannah talking about Tyler stalking her photographically.

Thing is, even though Tyler stopped coming around, I never stopped feeling afraid. So what could I do after that? First the school, then my house, even my own bedroom. Nowhere was safe. You took all that away.
— Hannah talking about not feeling safe

Alex: "Okay, we should not be doing this at his house."
Justin: "Really? Should we do it at yours?"
Zach: "He's going to find out."
Marcus: "Maybe he should. Maybe that's how this ends."
Justin: "No. This ends with Clay. Whatever we have to do, okay?"
―Marcus, Justin, Zach and Alex talk about Bryce not finding out about the tapes.


  • This tape is about Tyler Down, he wronged Hannah by stalking her and taking pictures of her, and then ruining her friendship with Courtney.



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