Boys are assholes. Some are assholes all of the time. All are assholes some of the time. It's just how boys are. Well, maybe not all boys.
— Hannah Baker

Tape 3, Side A is the fifth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why. The subject of this tape is Courtney Crimsen.


Hannah and Clay connect at the school dance, but a crass rumor ruins the mood. Clay takes Courtney to visit Hannah's grave.



Courtney and Hannah make up after the whole photo scandal. They decide to go to the winter formal together with a group of other students. A student starts to proposition Courtney after finding out that the picture was, in fact, Hannah and Courtney. Courtney lies and says that it wasn't her but Hannah with another student, Laura. To make matters worse, she starts to make up some details about Hannah and Justin Foley and that night in the park, adding to the rumors of "Hannah the Slut".

Clay and Hannah share a slow dance. Hannah argues with Courtney telling her that she just wanted to be her friend and asked why she would do something like this. Jessica ends up getting drunk at the formal because she's still hurt over her breakup with Alex. Hannah decides to drive Jessica home. Her car doesn't start so Tony gives her a jump. Before they leave, Tony gives Hannah a cassette tape of the song she slow danced to earlier.

Present day

Clay asks Courtney if they can talk. Clay takes her to visit Hannah's gravesite. Once there, Clay wonders why Courtney is ashamed of being a lesbian. Courtney tells him that it's because she has two gay dads and she knows how hard it was for them to be gay while growing up. After this, it seems to be the first time Courtney shows some emotion over Hannahs' death and how she contributed.

Justin, Bryce Walker, Zach Dempsey, and Alex kidnap Clay and take him away to interrogate him. While they're driving, Alex is speeding down the road longer and faster than he was supposed to. They get pulled over by a cop who, luckily, is Alex's Dad. In elation at having Officer Standall at their side, Justin tells Clay that they can't be touched as they are bulletproof. Once Clay gets home, he finds out that his mom is going to be a litigator for the school. She asks Clay if he knows of any bullying going on at the school. Clay denies it. He denies knowing Hannah, but later begins to cry in the shower.





  • Ellen Ho as Ashley
  • Hannah Payne as Stephanie
  • Danielle O'Dea as Theresa
  • Gabrielle Haugh as Laura


I should've kissed her, but I can't.


  • The tape is about Courtney Crimsen. Courtney lied and said that it wasn't her in the photo, but Hannah with another student, Laura. To make matters worse, she starts to make up sexual details about Hannah and Justin Foley from the night in the park, adding to the rumors of "Hannah the Slut".
  • Hannah and Clay kiss for the first time, in a flashback, in this episode.


Song Album Artist Scene
The Night We Met Strange Trials Lord Huron
One Mark of The Beat Poppy Brothers
Living in Fiction Icky Blossoms
Amused Hunger
Hollow Visions Eagulls Eagulls
Cinnamon New Mistery Cullen Omori
Thirteen New Moon Elliot Smith


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