Here we are. Tape 12. If you've listened this far and you haven't heard your name, well, I bet you know exactly what's coming now. Or maybe you don't have any idea, could that be true? Could a person be that sick? Let's find out, but first we have to start at the beginning of the worst day of my life.
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Tape 6, Side B is the twelfth episode of 13 Reasons Why.

The subject of this tape is Bryce Walker.


Hannah winds up at a party after an argument with her parents. The students are served with subpoenas, and Justin wrestles with conflicting loyalties.



After a horrible day following losing $700 of her parent's deposit money and being rebuffed by Clay, a depressed Hannah goes for a long walk and eventually ends up in Bryce's neighborhood and is drawn to the sounds of a party at his house. Bryce sees her come in and greets her. Hannah joins the party and eventually joins Jessica, Justin, Zach and his girlfriend in Bryce's hot-tub. After a few minutes, Hannah relaxes in and the four others eventually leave to hangout elsewhere. Bryce then silently enters the tub and turns it off. He and Hannah make some small talk and he then approaches her and begins touching her inappropriately. Hannah attempts to get out but Bryce grabs her and holds her, pulls her underwear off and proceeds to rape her anally. Hannah freezes and isn't able to move as Bryce forcefully holds her down. Hannah is seen later crying as she walks home. When she she gets home, she gets undressed and we see marks (from Bryce using force to hold her down) all over her upper body.

Present day

Clay goes to Bryce's house, hoping to get proof of all the bad things Bryce has done. Once he gets there, Clay asks for weed, in order to get into Bryce's house and talk to him. He starts to ask Bryce questions about the night he raped Hannah. Bryce tells Clay that he and Hannah had an on off relationship, but Clay calls Bryce out as a rapist. Bryce is confused and tells Clay he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The more Clay eggs Bryce on the angrier he gets. When Bryce tries to justify raping Hannah, Clay gets so upset that he punches Bryce in the face. Bryce beats Clay up in retaliation and brags about how Hannah and “every girl at Liberty High wants to be raped”. Bryce then hands Clay an ice pack and they share a glass of alcohol. Clay flat out asks Bryce if he raped Hannah, to which Bryce unknowingly validates, after, we see Clay cycle home in elated mood seemingly because he finally confessed, whether or not he knew it. After he cycles home, Lainie notices Clay is missing and hasn't come home, by now it is nighttime and she is worried, during this an unknown teenager is being treated for a gunshot wound to the head.






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