I recorded 12 tapes. I started with Justin. Then Jessica. Who each broke my heart. Hey. Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, who each helped destroy my reputation. On through Zach and Ryan who broke my spirit. Through tape number 12 Bryce Walker who broke my soul. But a funny thing happened as I finished number 12. I felt something shift. I had poured it all out and for a minute just a minute I felt like maybe I could beat this. I decided to give life one more chance. But this time, I was asking for help because I know I can't do it alone. I know that now.
— Hannah Baker

Tape 7, Side A is the thirteenth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why.

The subject of this tape is Kevin Porter.


Hannah seeks help from Mr. Porter, the school counselor. Clay plays the new tape for Tony and weighs what to do next.



Hannah decided to give life one more chance, so she asked for help from the school guidance counselor, Mr. Porter. He didn't help her at all as he was distracted, unintentionally victim blamed her and seemed to be worn out from the constant ring of his phone. He asked her if she's talked to her friends and mentions Jessica, Alex, and Courtney. However, she said that they are not her friends and that all she wanted was for life to stop. She told Mr. Porter about being sexually assaulted, she didn't say who he was, and she didn't label it, but she described rape to him. He asked her if she said no or if she tried to stop him. Hannah denied this and Mr. Porter started to unintentionally blame her, thinking that maybe she changed her mind and consented and then regretted the act. Hannah was in such a state of shock after realizing that Bryce wouldn't listen, that she didn't do or say anything afterwards. Mr. Porter layed out terrible options for her and Hannah took one of them, which was to "move on", the words which led to her suicide.

Throughout the conversation, it is understood that she is recording everything. She got up and left his office. She waited behind and wondered if he would come after her to talk again. He didn't, which she details in the recording. After this she organized her tapes, and put a few things in order, mailed them and gives a second set to Tony. She arrived home, got changed into old clothes and ran a bath, after she got into the bathtub, she slit her left arm deeply, took a moment from the adrenaline induced anxiety rush from it and slit the other arm and waited to bleed to death. A few minutes or couple of hours later, her Mother, Olivia, found her, and called her Father, Andrew, numerous times, he ran into the bathroom and she asked him to call 911, which he did, but it was all too late.

Present day

Clay comes home to find his parents, as well as Tony were waiting for him to return. Clay and Tony head to Clay’s room where he reveals the confession he recorded from Bryce the night before. Clay decides against giving the tapes to Bryce because it was time to think about what Hannah, Jessica and every other girl “who practically begged Bryce to fuck her” really needed. Tony reluctantly agrees but is unsure if it is the right decision since they have withheld evidence for weeks. Clay goes back to school to talk to Mr. Porter about Hannah's visit with him before she killed herself. Mr. Porter, visibly upset and emotional after Clay's monologue, said that it wasn't his fault that Hannah took her life and that no one could ever understand what was going through her head when she did it. Clay pulled out the tapes and explained their purpose and stated which tape he is on. Later, Tony went to the Bakers' store, and gave Olivia and Andrew Baker a flash drive with Hannah's tapes so that they can hear their daughters last thoughts and get justice if they wanted to. He didn't tell them what was on the files, but tells them he still had Hannah's second set safely hidden away. He said that if they require the set, hell deliver it to them. He apologized, admitting he thought he was doing the right thing out of respect to Hannah's last wishes.

At a taped deposition, the only two people who admit to have been in the wrong are Sheri and Tyler (though Tyler didn't reveal his criminal stalking of Hannah). Tyler also revealed the existence of the tapes during the deposition, he also stated that Clay currently possessed them (much to his Clays mothers shock and surprise). The revelation of the tapes are dismissed by her, though, due to them not being in evidence. Jessica is asked about the tapes, and denied knowing anything about them, being not ready to have anyone know.

Justin and Bryce met up and talked about the deposition. Bryce then asked how Clay knew about his assault on Hannah. Justin then revealed to Bryce the existence of the tapes detailing what everyone did to Hannah, including Bryce‘s sexual assault on Jessica. Bryce is puzzled about how Hannah could know what happened between him and Jessica until Justin reveals that Hannah was in the room when it happened. Visibly unsettled, Bryce asked if Justin heard the tapes and who currently had them. Justin stated that he didn't know. Nervous, Bryce asked Justin if he knew the true story, and Justin responds that he did. Bryce asked if he'd see Justin around, but is simply answered with "I don't think you will." before Justin walks away.

It is revealed that Tyler had accumulated a large arsenal of guns, as well as created a photographic list of people he wanted to kill (in which he removed Alex). Jessica finally told her dad that she was raped.

Later, Mr. Porter listened to the tapes with a boombox, he started with "Tape 7, Side A" (his tape). However, he was interrupted by the principal, who informed him that Alex shot himself in the head the previous night. Mr. Porter was visually unsettled, both by this shocking news, and knowing why Alex did it.

Wanting to do something right, Clay decided to befriend Skye Miller, a suicidal girl who is desperately crying out for help internally, and quietly, externally. He has understood the signs this time, and Skye seemed to be a girl he could try to save. Later, Clay rode in the passenger seat with Tony being the driver, and Skye and Brad (Tony's ex-boyfriend) in the back seats. It is not stated but implied they leave town.





She walked out of this office and she hoped you would come after her. You let her walk away. We all let her walk away. She walked out of school went home and put some things in order. She returned her uniform to the Crestmont, where I worked with her. She didn't say anything. She dropped it on the counter and walked away. She dropped a package off with a friend, then took another to the post office. Then she went back home put on some old clothes. She went into the bathroom filled the tub opened the box of razor blades she took from her parents' store that morning She got into the tub still with her clothes on slit her wrists and bled to death. And she died alone.
— Clay to Mr. Porter describing Hannah's death


  • Though the show has now covered all material from the novel, it is heavily indicated in this episode that there will be a second season to cover the numerous cliff-hangers and continuing story arcs that remain unresolved (many of which did not appear in the novel) including:
    • Alex remains in critical condition after his suicide attempt.
    • Tyler's massive gun arsenal and hit-list.
    • Jessica's revelation to her father of her rape.
    • The Bakers' lawsuit against the school.
    • Hannah's parents now possess her tapes and have begun listening to them, which means that they will learn about the 13 who caused their daughter's death, and each of their roles in it, as well as the numerous crimes committed by them.
    • The current whereabouts of Justin after his conversation with Bryce.
    • The unrevealed fate of Sheri after her confession to the police about knocking down the stop sign, which led to the death of Jeff.
    • Mr. Porter now possess the tapes, which now contain Bryce's taped confession to the rape of Hannah. He is now also aware of the other 12 and their roles in Hannah's suicide.
    • The ultimate fate of Bryce, whether or not he'll ultimately be charged with the rapes of both Hannah and Jessica, now that Jessica has confessed to her father about her sexual assault, and both the Bakers and Mr. Porter having his recorded admission to Hannah's rape.
    • The tapes are now public knowledge.
    • Clay's mother learns of the tapes and Clay's (now former) possession of them, indicating a possible confrontation between her and Clay, as well as her continued involvement in defending the school against the Bakers' lawsuit.
    • Not all of the students have given their depositions yet, including Clay.
    • GOOF: At the end of the episode, the scenery outside Tony’s window changes between shots. We first see grass and a large body of water. Later, we see houses, grass, and a smaller body of water in the overhead shot.



*theme song is "Oh, In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo

Title Artist Album Scene
Sunburns Ctznshp All Things To The Sea flashback: Hannah and Zach walk past each other; Tony gives Hannah a tape recorder; Hannah makes a list; montage of reasons Hannah ended her life, with her voice over.

present day: Zach is at his deposition.

Rescue Rogue Wave Cover Me flashback: Bryce walks down the hall after a win with his team and winks at Hannah a few days after he raped her; Hannah and Clay talk while the team celebrate through the halls.

present day: Bryce takes BP in batting cages.

Vienna Ultravox The Collection Hannah walks out of the counselors' office, down the hall way and finishes recording the last tape; Hannah puts things in order to prepare for her suicide, Clay describes them in a voice over (telling Mr. Porter).
Only You Selena Gomez (cover) 13 Reasons Why Season 1 Soundtrack Clay walks out of the counselors' office and befriends Skye, a suicidal girl who is desperately crying out for help internally, and quietly, externally.
Yazoo (original) (not played) Upstairs at Eric's
Windows Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Deluxe Edition) Justin finally walks away from Bryce after telling him about the existence of the tapes; Jessica breaks down before telling her father she was raped; It is revealed that Tyler has a photographic hit list, he remembers a time when Alex was there for him and he takes him off of it; The Bakers start to listen to Hannahs' tapes; Tony drives off with Clay in the passenger seat and Skye and Brad taking the back seat.
See A Little Light Bob Mould Workbook Tony switches the music and together they all drive away.


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