Before she died, Hannah recorded 13 reasons why she killed herself and you're number 13, and everyone who comes before you on these tapes, know what you did and didn't do. And they always will, and they'll know what they did. You're the last person to get the tapes and Hannah didn't leave any instructions on what happens after you, so you get to decide. And I added tape number 14, which I hope will help you make that decision.
Clay to Mr. Porter on the tapes and the last side of the seventh tape, in "Tape 7, Side A"

Tape 7, Side B is the last side of the seventh tape added by Clay Jensen after Hannah Baker's Death. The tape is a recording of Bryce Walker's confession that he raped Hannah Baker It becomes evidence for the police and Clay hands it over to Mr. Porter.


After hearing "Tape 6, Side B", Clay visits Bryce's house under the premise of him buying weed from him. Once Bryce lets Clay inside his home, he visualises Bryce raping Hannah and accuses Bryce of raping her. Clay then hits him which makes Bryce retaliate and violently beat Clay unconscious. After waking up, Clay asks for a confession of Bryce's crime. Bryce does confess unknowingly to the rape and Clay leaves as he gets further enough down the road, he becomes elated, screaming and cheering outside on his bike.

Later in the series, Tony Padilla visits Clay at his home. Clay brings him upstairs and explains that they could bring down Bryce. Tony asks how and Clay shows him the reverse side of Hannah's seventh tape which was originally empty. The side now has the number "14" written on it in a similar style to Hannah's original writing, Clay plays the tape to Tony and on it is the full confession from Bryce Walker that Clay had recorded without Bryce's knowledge. Clay then gives the tape to Tony for him to copy so he can "complete the set". The tape is then returned and placed in the original box that is then given to Liberty High School counselor Mr. Porter.


  • Clay writes the number "14" on this side using the same nail polish that Hannah used, bought from Baker's Drug Store.