The Hot or Not List

The List is a list Alex Standall made after his breakup with Jessica Davis. The list was made to piss of Jessica, since he listed Hannah Baker as best ass and Jessica as worst. The List is according to Hannah, one of the reasons why Bryce Walker raped her, as well as further growing her reputation as a slut.

In the book it is revealed, that Clay Jensen made out with Angie Romero because of the list, since it made him realize how beautiful her lips actually were. The List is first seen and mentioned in "Tape 2, Side A".



  • Best Lips - Angie Romero
  • Best Face - Delia Washington
  • Best Tits - Sofia Miller
  • Best Ass - Hannah Baker


There are more names listed under "HOT" and "NOT", but the names are too blurred to read.


  1. "butterface" meaning - a woman regarded as having a desirable body but an unattractive face.