The Shoeboxes are a set of shoe boxes that contain information about the cassette tape that Hannah Baker owned.

List of shoeboxes

The Tapes Shoebox

 The Tape Shoebox is the box that holds 7 cassette tapes with the thirteen reasons for her suicide. The cassettes are painted with a number with blue nail polish. The tapes are wrapped in bubble wrap. By the time the box gets to Clay it's been beat up a lot by the first 10 on the tapes.

The Tony Shoebox

 The Tony Shoebox is the shoebox Tony Padilla receives from Hannah. This box holds the second set of tapes. After Tony listens to the first tape he rushes to the Baker's to save Hannah. He was too late.

The Name Shoebox

The Name Shoebox is the shoebox found by Olivia Baker, Hannah's mom, while going through her room. In the box was a paper of names. Some of the names were crossed out, and the circled once meant that they were part of the 13 reasons why she killed herself.

  • Justin (Circled)
  • Jessica (Circled)
  • Alex (Circled)
  • Tyler (Circled)
  • Courtney (Circled)
  • Marcus (Circled)
  • Zach (Circled)
  • Ryan (Circled)
  • Sheri (Circled)
  • Clay (Circled)
  • Bryce (Circled several times)
  • Tony (Circled with question mark)
  • Skye (Crossed-out)
  • Jeff (Crossed-out)
  • And few others

Olivia later confronted Tony with this paper.