The Tapes were a set of 7 cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker before she commits suicide. Before she died, she sent a second set to Tony Padilla.

About the tapes

A box is found at the foot of Clay Jensen's steps. Upon opening it, he discovers that it is a shoebox containing seven cassette tapes recorded by the late Hannah Baker, his classmate and emotional crush who recently committed suicide. The tapes were initially mailed to one classmate with instructions to pass them from one student to another, in the style of a chain letter. On the tapes, Hannah explains to thirteen people how they played a role in her death, by giving thirteen reasons to explain why she took her life. Hannah has given a second set of tapes to one of their classmates, the identity of whom Clay later discovers, and warns the people on the tapes that if they do not pass them on, the second set will be leaked to the entire student body. This could lead to the public embarrassment and shame of certain people, while others could face physical harassment charges or jail time. Through the audio narrative, Hannah reveals her pain and suffering and the slide into depression that ultimately leads to her suicide. She lists her first crush, a boy who voted her "best ass in the freshman class", a former friend, a peeping Tom, a liar, a goof who takes advantage of her, a hater, a thief who steals her poems, a member of the list that already passed, a cheerleader who crashes into a stop sign, the guidance counselor, and Clay, her soul-mate, all who thought their actions were harmless, or that they wouldn't affect or scar her. They were wrong.


Tape Subject Reason
1 Justin Foley For spreading a racy picture of Hannah along with a sexual rumor about their encounter, and for breaking her heart.
2 Jessica Davis For mistakenly believing that Hannah was the reason for her breakup with Alex, and for breaking her heart.
3 Alex Standall For listing Hannah's ass as the best one of school, and for destroying her reputation.
4 Tyler Down For stalking Hannah and spreading her and Courtney's kiss photo over the school, and for destroying her reputation.
5 Courtney Crimsen For throwing Hannah under the bus to avoid being discovered as one of the people on the kiss' photo, and for destroying her reputation.
6 Marcus Cole For humiliating Hannah in public on their One Dollar Valentine's date, and for destroying her reputation.
7 Zach Dempsey For stealing the "positive notes" destined to Hannah in Communications class out of revenge for her dissing him, and for breaking her spirit.
8 Ryan Shaver For stealing a poem she wrote noting her personal problems and publishing it in the school newspaper without her consent, and for breaking her spirit.
9 Justin Foley For allowing Bryce to rape his girlfriend Jessica.
10 Sheri Holland For abandoning Hannah after she crashed her car into a stop sign which later caused the death of another student.
11 Clay Jensen For leaving Hannah at her request, after they shared a kiss. However, Hannah notes that Clay does not deserve to be on the tapes (she confesses her admiration and like for him) but it was necessary to add him to the reasons because he was important to what happened and she wanted him to know.
12 Bryce Walker For raping Hannah in his hot tub, and for breaking her soul.
13 Kevin Porter For not helping Hannah after she told him about her sexual assault and suicidal thoughts, and failing to realize she was asking for help when she was giving "life one more chance."
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