Season 1


July - August

  • Hannah Baker moves to town.
  • Hannah starts working at The Crestmont.
  • Clay starts working at The Crestmont. (Three weeks after Hannah)
  • Kat hosts a party at Hannah's house because she was leaving.
    • Hannah attends the party where she's introduced to Justin Foley, a fellow sophomore who's smile compels her.
    • Kat notices that Clay Jensen has developed a crush on Hannah.


  • The school year begins. It's the first day of Sophomore year for Clay, Justin, Jessica, Alex, Courtney and several others.
  • Hannah is asked out to the park by Justin, where she has her first kiss with the flirty jock.
  • At school the next day, Justin implies that the pair went to "third base."
    • Bryce Walker, Liberty High's star athlete shares Justin's photo of Hannah's skirt blowing up with the whole school, thus creating a "slut" reputation for Hannah.

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