When you're the target, you do anything you can to protect yourself.
Courtney Crimsen

Two Girls Kissing is the second episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Courtney Crimsen's testimony.


Courtney makes a brave decision. Clay's memories of Hannah drive a wedge between him and Skye. Someone trashes the yearbook office.



Jessica gets a message in her locker instructing her to keep her mouth shut. Mr. Porter tries to let her know that he's there for her but she's not buying it. Olivia arrives at the courthouse where a group of protesters has gathered.

During her testimony, Courtney finally gets the courage to reveal that she is a lesbian and that she was the one who had a crush on Hannah.

Clay visits Tyler and asks him about the Polaroids but he doesn't know anything about them. Tyler makes a new friend named Cyrus during Mr. Porter's class.

Jessica tells Alex about the threats but storms off after he suggests that telling the truth is the only way to make them stop threatening her.

Clay and Skye talk about Hannah but Clay is distracted since he now sees her ghost everywhere. Olivia talks to Jackie about Courtney's testimony but the subject changes when Jackie finds the bloody dress that Olivia was wearing the day Hannah died.

At cheer practice, Chlöe apologizes to Jessica for not being transparent about her new relationship with Bryce. Tyler catches the whole interaction on camera but as a result gets banned from taking pictures of any female sports.

Zach helps Alex with physical therapy but Alex gets frustrated and pushes Zach away.

Olivia has a meltdown after Jackie mistakenly washes Hannah's bloody dress.

Skye invites herself over for dinner at Clay's house. It goes awry when Skye tries to jerk him off under the table in front of his parents. Upstairs, she tries to have sex with Clay but he can't get it up. Skye becomes upset and leaves after accusing him that he's still in love with Hannah.

Sonya interrogates Mr. Porter about the missing page in his datebook. Alex gets a threatening message that says "Better Luck Next Time." Clay chases after Skye only to find her being taken away by an ambulance.






  • The episode seems to be about Courtney and Hannah's photograph, or more specifically a deeper look into Courtneys' sexuality. - The official Instagram page for the series created a series of stories, that reveal the episode names, along with audio of characters talking. Courtney states "When you're the target, you do anything you can to protect yourself."[1]
  • It is revealed in this episode that Jessica has been sleeping on the floor of her parents bedroom, because she can't be in her own room, which seems to be a nod to her having PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).


No it's not possible because it was the other way around. I liked her. I was the one with the crush.
— Courtney Crimsen, while being questioned during the trial.
This was the dress I was wearing the day I found Hannah. I always meant to wash it but I just couldn't bring myself to.
— Olivia Baker tells Jackie about the significance of the dress.
I can't help Jessica because I can't remember shit. And everyone that can help me remember won't even help me.
— Alex Standall, during PT with Zach.
What's the truth? What's true? I think we each have our own truth
— Courtney Crimsen
Clay: So, let me get this straight.
Hallucination Hannah: Okay.
Clay: You don't know why you're here, you don't know how I'm supposed to feel about it, you don't know why I haven't seen you and even though I haven't tried to think about in months and then you show up tonight.
Hallucination Hannah: Precise and accurate, in true Clay Jensen style.
Clay: And you're still allowed to make fun of me.
Hallucination Hannah: Allowed? Obligated? Who can say?
— Clay talking to Hallucination Hannah as a very real hallucination
Clay: Are you real?
Hallucination Hannah: Do you see me?
Clay: Are you a corporeal?
Hallucination Hannah: That seems like a science-fiction question.
Clay: Can I touch you?
Hallucination Hannah: That seems like a loaded question.
Clay: This is fucked up, right? Like I-I'm seriously fucked up.
Hallucination Hannah: I don't think you're fucked up. I think you're just, working through things.
Clay: Things like seeing a ghost?
Hallucination Hannah: And other things.
Clay: So you are a ghost?
Hallucination Hannah: Okay, does it matter what you call me?! I'm here.
Clay: And you're here for a reason?
Hallucination Hannah: I would think so.
Clay: But you don't know what it is?
Hallucination Hannah: I was hoping you would.
Clay: And you're not going away?
Hallucination Hannah: I don't think so, I mean, not for the moment.
Clay: [scoffs] Well, that's just fucking great.
— Clay and Hallucination Hannah trying to understand why he is hallucinating her.
Lainie: How was court yesterday?
Clay: Why don't you tell me?
Lainie: I was just there to drop off some files. What about you?
Clay: I was just curious.
Lainie: Clay, I know you said you don't think about Hannah, that you don't care about her anymore, but I am worried that that's not true.
Clay: I gotta get dressed for school.
Lainie: Well... okay.
Clay: Okay.
— Lainie and Clay on being at court and Lainie on Clay thinking about Hannah
Hallucination Hannah: Nothing's going on?
Clay: I have to go to school.
Hallucination Hannah: And you don't care about me anymore?
Clay: Look, I tried Hannah. I did everything I could for you, and nothing worked. Nothing. And now you're back and there's still nothing I can do.
Hallucination Hannah: If that's true, why am I here?
Clay: Yeah. Exactly.
— Clay, frustrated that Hallucination Hannah is there, not knowing what else he can do.
[Clay picks up the first Polaroid he is given]
Hallucination Hannah: "Hannah wasn't the only one"? What do you suppose that means? Who gave it to you? And why now, the day my trial started?
Clay: You think they're connected?
Hallucination Hannah: You think they're not?
Clay: [sighs] I think that I need to get dressed and go to school and try to live my life.
— Clay and Hallucination Hannah on the first Polaroid he is given.
We all have things we keep hidden, sometimes keeping secrets is how you survive, because in high school, one rumor, one picture, one incident can define you, forever.
— Courtney
Todd: You're doing the right thing, honey.
Courtney: I know. Now it's gonna be out there. Everything I said in my deposition.
Todd: Look, what happened to Hannah, after that photo, it happened to you, too. And that is not your fault.
Steve: You told the truth. And that's all you're gonna do again today.
— Todd and Steve reassuring Courtney, who is nervous on being in court
It's just...Tyler Down, who testified yesterday, called out a couple kids and they weren't happy. That's all
— Jessica to her Dad on being nervous to testify in court.
When rumors spread, you can fight them or ignore them, but they never really go away. When you're the target, you do anything you can to protect yourself. Sometimes you hide. Sometimes you fight back. Anything you have to do. Because the thing is, in high school, everyone's watching you all the time. You have to be careful
— Courtney
Tyler: Did you just come here to look at the destruction that is my life, or...?
Clay: No. I was wondering, do you ever, work with Polaroids?
Tyler: Amateur hipster tripe.
Clay: I'll take that as a no.
Tyler: It's retro analogue bullshit. There's no negatives, what's the point?
Hallucination Hannah: Unless that is the point.
Clay: So no one can make a copy?
Tyler: No, you can make a copy of anything, you just take a digital picture of it. But, yeah, you want one print to hold on to, take a Polaroid.
— Tyler and Clay (with Hallucination Hannah) on the Polaroids
Clay: Do you know these people?
Tyler: Tommy Schuster. Erica, Charles, I think. I shot Tommy a few times for baseball.
Clay: So, they go here?
Tyler: They did. They were Seniors when we were Freshmen.
Clay: Do you think he knew Scott Reed?
Tyler: Don't all those troglodytes know each other? Why do you care?
Clay: I'm not sure I do.
— Clay asking Tyler about the subjects of the first Polaroid to see if there is a connection.







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